On the Azov coast – an invasion of large jellyfish

Jellyfish can weigh up to 10 kg.

On the Azov sea (Arabatskaya Strelka) there were large jellyfish, at.

“These marine creatures in a large number of “occupied” coastal strip”.

Holidaymakers complain of burns received as the result of contact with jellyfish.

You can judge what is kornerot jellyfish (Rhizostoma pulmo) — the largest jellyfish in the Black and Mediterranean seas. Now they appeared and resorts of Azov. Jellyfish can reach 50-60 cm in diameter and weigh up to 10 kg. On the blades are poisonous stinging cells, however, the venom does not pose a serious danger to humans. In susceptible individuals upon contact with the oral lobes may cause severe irritation, similar to sunburn nettle, which disappears in a short time.

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