New cancer drug effective against several types

The drug works in such a way that binding to the protein.

American scientists from the University of Oregon science and health have developed a drug that blocks the development in the body the four types of cancer. The researchers were able to minimize side effects and toxicity when using the new drug.

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Development scientists have called KBU2046, informed the journal Nature Communications. In its publication reported that the new drug fights spread throughout the body breast cancer and prostate glands, and cancer of the colon and lung. When tested on mice given the drug had a suppressive effect on tumor metastasis and reduced bone destruction.

A new drug that reportedly exerts its action in a certain way interacting with the protein HSP90 connection.

“The medication works in such a way that binding to the protein, it stops the movement of cells, but does not have any adverse effect on squirrels,” said the authors of this know-how.Now research is ongoing in this field: scientists intend to obtain permission for testing of new anti-cancer drug on human subjects. In his comments on the creation of such medicine some scientific experts say that it is important to understand that a universal treatment for cancer can not be, because the development and course of the disease strongly depend on the individual characteristics of the organism.