NATO expands military infrastructure in Latvia

At a NATO base Adazi (near Riga) began the construction of new barracks to accommodate the soldiers of the Alliance.

On the basis of the solemn ceremony of laying a capsule under building of the barracks, which was attended by the Minister of defence of Latvia Raimonds Bergmanis and commander of the National armed forces (NAF) Leonid Kalnins. The construction was entrusted to the company Abora, which undertook to carry out his 10,235 million euros, writes with reference to .

The state intends to spend the next three years for the development of military infrastructure of 200 million euros. 30 of them will go to the reconstruction of the landfill in Adazi. Here will continue the construction of barracks and a warehouse, and the renovation and expansion of facilities for storage of military equipment.

Also planned investments in the NAF air base in Lielvarde, where this year also begins the construction of a new barracks. In addition, a four-year term, the defense Ministry plans to start the infrastructure development of six new bases for the battalions of the civilian militia the “national guard”: in Riga, Jelgava, bauschke, Dobele, Gulbene region is the Krustpils and edges. It is also planned in the next five years to complete the creation of the open a month ago, the military base NAF in Luznava (near Rezekne). In the next four years will be continued development of landfills and shooting ranges. Also located in Adazi, will Finance two regional landfill NVS (in Aluksne and Liepaja edges), and also one dedicated test site in Skrunda.