NASA experts have managed to significantly reduce airplane noise

Fly will be 70% quieter.

The technology was developed by NASA experts, can significantly reduce the noise generated by aircraft during landing, and to improve living conditions in the vicinity of airports. This is reported by NASA, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

Thus, by the simultaneous application of several methods of noise testing of the Gulfstream III have been cut by more than 70%. Specify that we are talking only about the noise of the airframe, but not the noise of the engines.

For these purposes, developers have used porous or perforated fairings chassis without sacrificing aerodynamic resistance. In addition, the experts used the revision of the undercarriage, including the installation of the elements on the leading edge, filling the back of the niche with foam and mesh setup, smoothing the air flow.However, to reduce the noise of the wing, NASA used an experimental flexible flaps, previously developed in the framework of the project ACTE, posing a seamless design.