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Lower back pain usually are periodic.

Do you often suffer from back pain? If in spite of correct posture and health of this unpleasant syndrome is equally bothers you regularly, it is better to immediately consult a doctor. Only a qualified specialist will be able to identify the causes of back pain and to prescribe effective treatment.

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Back pain bother more people

Each year more people seek medical help because of severe back pain and lower back pain. The usual cause of pain in this part of the body is poor posture. However, very often back pain occurs due to irritation or damage to certain tissues in the lower part of the spine.

Pain in the lower back is an unpleasant feeling of tension and numbness in the lower back. Very often this syndrome is accompanied by small spasms and tingling.

People who often suffer from back pain, it is very difficult to perform tasks involving heavy physical strain. Moreover, if the person still starts to lift something heavy, it can damage back muscles and worsen your condition.

Despite the fact that the attacks of pain are typically recurrent and quite tolerant, it is very important to establish the causes of back pain, to begin treatment and prevent the development of serious complications.

Consider the main causes of back pain that you need to pay special attention. As soon as you notice one or more similar symptoms, do not hesitate and immediately consult a specialist.

The main medical causes of back pain

1. Lumbar osteoarthritis

This degenerative disease affects the intervertebral discs, which serve as stabilizers for the spine. As a result of this defeat there is inflammation, which is accompanied by pain and numbness in the lower back. In addition, when lumbar osteoarthritis person is very difficult to continue to lead a normal lifestyle and do some physical work.
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Usually the cause of osteoarthritis is the wear and tear of the joints, which often occurs in old age. However, sometimes, the syndrome occurs as a result of serious injury or overexertion.

2. Crick

When it comes to the main causes of back pain, it is impossible not to mention the stretching of muscles and ligaments. At first glance, these injuries seem insignificant, but actually they violate the stability and strength of the spine, due to which a person is more difficult to maintain the correct posture even after the recovery of damaged tissues.

The reason for the stretching of muscles often become physical exercise with high intensity or sudden and repetitive movements in certain sports. There is even the risk groups, which include people with overweight and obesity and other serious disorders in the internal organs.

3. Spazmirovannah muscles

In most cases the cause of pain in the lower back is a disturbance in muscle work. Spazmirovannah muscles in a particular area can lead to numbness and loss of sensitivity. This leads to the unpleasant sensation of pain and acute inflammation.

Please note that the main causes of muscle strain are a sudden movement or a wrong posture.

4. Injury of lumbar vertebral disc

Very often the emergence of pain in the back cause damage to the disks, known medically as discopathy, disc hernia and osteophytes (abnormal growths on the surface of bones).
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These degenerative diseases are accompanied by strong, uncomfortable feelings, anger, and inability to participate in active sports with high intensity. Usually the symptoms are worse immediately after awakening from sleep or in case of a long stay in a sitting position.

Moreover, the pain can spread to lower extremities, especially if there is a strong contraction of the muscles.

5. Muscle weakness

Actually causes the feeling of weakness in muscles a lot. Insufficient and irregular exercise, poor diet, passive lifestyle and bad habits – all these adverse factors have a negative impact on the condition and functioning of muscles.

Please note that when muscles weaken and become less resilient, this leads to a General weakening of the spine. As a result, joints lose stability and the ability to support the body.

All these nasty symptoms provoke the stretching of muscles, which can lead to the spread of the pain not only in lower back but also upper and lower limbs.

6. Diseases of the female reproductive system

Unfortunately, sometimes the appearance of pain in the back can be due to a temporary disorder in the work of the female reproductive system. Agree, many women experience severe pain in the back during uterine contractions in childbirth. In addition, many women suffer from acute pain and spasms during critical days.

Very often the causes of back pain are certain diseases of the sexual system, in particular endometriosis and bladder infections.

If the pain does not subside within a few days, and you feel a strong discomfort in the area between the pelvis and lower back, advised not to delay a doctor’s visit.

7. Disorders in the stomach and intestines

Most people associate the appearance of pain in the back with the influence of adverse external factors on the spine. However, in fact, very often pain in the back are the result of certain digestive disorders and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
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When it comes to the main causes of back pain, it should be wary if you have been diagnosed with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

8. Kidney disease

Don’t underestimate the relationship between the kidneys and back, very often kidney disease cause uncomfortable pain in the lower back. Of course, this is not the only symptom, but it usually occurs when complications in the kidneys and inability of the body to perform its basic functions.

If you do have kidney problems, you will feel intense pain on the sides and lower back.

Among the other major symptoms of kidney problems it is necessary to highlight the change in odor and color of urine, slight fever and a burning sensation when urinating.And you have back pain often? If you suffer from discomfort in the lower back even though good posture and great health, you should consult a doctor for right diagnosis.

Of course, back pain is not always indicative of serious health problems, but the best time to determine the cause of its appearance to prevent the development of serious complications in the work of other internal organs and systems.