Named the approximate price of the new iPhone

The starting price of the iPhone will be $ 999.

The representative of the analytical company Morgan Stanley called the probable future prices on iPhone 2018. According to experts, the cost of the top version of “Apple” smartphone will start from $ 999. About it writes the Internet-the edition with reference to .

The medium version, which will be a “sequel” iPhone X, previously estimated at 799 dollars. As for the basic version with LCD display, its price will range from 699 to $ 769.

However, the final figure will depend on projected sales. It is likely that the price of gadgets will be slightly higher, 1099, 999 and 799 dollars respectively.The analyst noted that Apple has noticed the reluctance of people to pay more, even if we are talking about the flagship. And further raising the price of gadgets is not very desirable for the manufacturer.