Named fruit juice, which becomes useful after freezing

Scientists have found that orange juice is better to freeze.

According to research by Spanish scientists from the University of Seville orange juice to a greater extent healthy, if it has been frozen and thawed, reports citing .

Experts came to such conclusion, having found that the body can absorb more antioxidants from thawed orange juice than from fresh or pasteurized juice. This is because when orange juice is frozen and thaws, useful compounds called carotenoids that are broken down into smaller particles that are easier absorbed by the intestines.

Previously it was shown that these particles have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties and help prevent heart disease.

Despite the fact that the concentration of carotenoids in frozen orange juice was lower than in the fresh juice, the reduction of particle size in connection with the destruction of cellular material that occurs when it is processed, contributes to the fact that the bioavailability of carotenoids increases, and they are easier absorbed by the intestines.

The test results also showed that pasteurization – heating liquids to kill bacteria – leads to deterioration of carotenoids and color change of the juice.The high levels of antioxidants present in fresh juice, but they can’t be easily absorbed by the intestine, say the experts.