Named effective prevention of diabetes

Doctors urge everyone, without exception, to use these preventive measures to protection from diabetes.

Scientists have long denied the most common myth about diabetes – or rather the reason for its development. Many people believed that the disease threatens those who eat a lot of sugar and sweets.

In fact, at risk of diabetes are not a sweet tooth, and those who have overweight, leads a sedentary lifestyle, is fond of alcohol and is under the influence of stresses.

Therefore, it would be better to say that consume a lot of refined sugar is not necessary, because it may appear excess weight and in this case the person automatically exposes himself to the danger of developing diabetes of the second type.

How to prevent diabetes?

Prevention of this disease that can cause disability, are quite simple and to accomplish them can anyone

– limit consumption of products of industrial production, because they have a lot of sugar, flavor enhancers, calories, sweeteners and other additives that increase the resistance to insulin;

– relaxation and sleep is necessary to the body required a large amount of glucose and a person does not become addicted to sweets;

– learn to cope with stress and bad emotions, or overeating to avoid, like obesity, in which body cells become resistant to insulin and the risk of diabetes increased significantly;

include in the diet more vegetable protein than animal;

– drink at least three liters of water each day to avoid thickening of the blood and the development of insulin resistance.Conclusion: you need plenty of exercise and eat right, not to worry and to respect the day, then the risk of diabetes will be reduced to zero.