Named diet, the effectiveness of which can be checked in the summer

Nutritionists suggested how to lose weight quickly for seasonal products.

There are plenty of diets which assist to get rid of excess weight.

Most of the summer diets are vegetarian, but they are easy to follow and they are most effective in terms of weight loss.

The most popular and effective diets that you need to try this summer:

Fruit and berry diet. In addition to fruits and berries are allowed to eat the following foods: oatmeal, hard cheese, milk drinks and milk and cheese. The main rule – not to eat the berries and fruits on an empty stomach.

The cabbage soup diet. You can eat any cabbage, fresh, boiled, stewed, baked and pickled form. Also, the menu allowed to Supplement lean meat and fish. Be sure to drink plenty of water and green tea, but without sugar.

Watermelon diet. To follow its best in late summer when the season of watermelons. Per day you can eat as much watermelon as you want. In addition to weight loss, you still manage to clean your body from toxins.

The banana diet. Fruit not quite summer, but it is possible to lose weight quickly and also to improve health, especially of the gastrointestinal tract. The menu for the day consists of a kilogram of bananas and the same amount of yogurt or Greek yogurt.

Vegetable diet. You can eat any vegetables, but it is advisable to prepare salads with vegetable oil and at least once a day to drink a Cup of yogurt, for example, before bedtime, so as not to disrupt digestion and avoid bloating.Just one week after any of the above diets, you will see minus 3-5 kg on the scales, but if you are suffering from obesity, then the effect will be more noticeable.