Named benefits of coffee in combating diabetes

Caffeine is the most convenient way of regulating the activity of C-STAR.

Swiss scientists from Zurich and University of Basel, as well as French researchers from Technological University of the Institute have created cells capable of releasing insulin in response to intake of caffeine, which is good for diabetes substance. In experiments on mice it was shown that the introduction of cells reduces the glucose levels in the blood of rodents. Article with results was published in the journal Nature Communication.

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People suffering from diabetes have high level of glucose in the blood. To reduce doctors use drugs that increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin, or inject the insulin. In the new work, scientists have created responsive to caffeine synthetic regulator of the activity of the gene responsible for the production glucagonoma peptide-1 (GLP-1). This hormone in turn activates the insulin gene and enhances the synthesis of the latter.

The researchers combined antibody aCaffVHH linking caffeine with different intracellular signaling domains, which under specific conditions send chemical signals to the nucleus of cells, causing the activation of certain genes. These synthetic receptors were named C-STAR (eng. caffeine-stimulated advanced regulators). First, scientists have proved the efficiency of the system, determining that she is in the presence of caffeine able to enhance the activity of the gene protein SEAP.

Then embryonic kidney cells with C-STAR and placed tiny capsules, were using injection introduced into the peritoneum of mice. While C-STAR includes signaling domains, contributing to the development of GLP-1. As a result, rodents who consume caffeine during the experiment had low levels of blood glucose and high — insulin.According to researchers, caffeine is the most convenient way of regulating the activity of C-STAR, because you can easily control the amount entering the body along with coffee and other beverages. In addition, it does not contribute to undesirable side effects and its health benefits proven by many studies.