Millions of dollars in mosquitoes: bill gates surprised by a strange investment

Bill gates started investing in the development of mosquitoes-mutants.

Every year thousands of Americans suffer from malaria. To once and forever put an end to this epidemic, bill gates decided to create a sort of male mosquitoes, which when destroyed would be mating females, which are known as vectors of the disease, according to .

Only the development of the insects mutants allocated $ 4 million. Here’s the plan: genetically modified mosquitoes will not allow females to display healthy offspring, thereby saving people from infection.

Will develop company oxitec mosquitoes oxitec, which has considerable experience of breeding modified insects. Some time ago experts have successfully created mosquitoes to combat the virus, Zeke. In total, the number of insects that carried the disease decreased by 90%.

Despite all the good intentions of oxitec mosquitoes oxitec, the company has and critics. So, the charitable organization “Friends of the Earth” is confident that the development of new forms of mosquitoes have a negative impact on the natural balance. Moreover, the mutant insects can be dangerous to society. This criticism is quite appropriate, but another way to prevent outbreaks is not.Malaria is a disease with serious complications. Patients often have pulmonary edema, disruption of the major organs, as well as problems with the blood vessels of the brain.

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