Miley Cyrus played a modest wedding

A party in honor of the wedding was informal.

The wedding was very fun and informal: the neighbors were very surprised when we later learned that it was not just a friendly party and wedding, reports citing .

The celebration was organized in the style hippie: it was a little noisy and pointless, everywhere kids were running guests and the many animals Miley.

Myself Cyrus the wedding day was soaked in a white dress Bohemian style. Guests were treated exclusively vegan dishes. On a family, both the bride and the groom to congratulate daughter arrived, his father Billy and mother trish.

And Liam came to support his brothers Chris and Luke. It is interesting that Cyrus and Hemsworth had planned another wedding – the home of the groom, Australian wants the celebration was attended by other members of his family who were unable to come to Malibu.

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