Medina: Russians know little about the Civil war in Russia

Мединский: Россияне мало знают о Гражданской войне в России

Russians know little about the events of the Civil war of 1917-1922 in Russia. The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, transfers “Interfax”.

“Before the truth about the Civil war was presented to our generation is very one-sided. Suggested the Museum of contemporary history of Russia to conduct a survey in the framework of the exhibition “Three colors of truth” (in the study of the question — “Rosbalt”). Faced with the fact that if about a revolution someone something at school heard the Civil war is Terra Incognita,” said Medina.

After the October 1917 revolution in the former Russian Empire, civil war erupted between different political, ethnic, social groups and public entities. The civil war ended with the establishment of the Soviet power most part of the territory of the former Russian Empire.