Markle fueled rumors about her pregnancy

Prince Harry was in a rage attacks the couple.

Meghan Markle has continued to fuel the rumors about his interesting position, which recently began distributing in the press. So, the Duchess of Sussex refused to go with Prince Harry in a charity tour, than has provoked even greater public interest in his personal life.

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The Network does not cease debate about the suddenly surfaced information on pregnancy Meghan Markle. And while fans speculated on and build a different version of around the Royal family, from newlyweds, it seems, a serious conflict is brewing.

It is reported that Megan refused to go in the fall with Harry in Oceania. Probably the reason is that there is raging virus zika, which is particularly dangerous for pregnant women.

According to sources, Prince Harry was in a rage attacks the couple, because the trip was already planned. Later it became known that Markle did not deign to visit with her husband and Africa. Grandson of Queen Elizabeth II had to go on a charity tour alone, reports the magazine “Hello!”.
Thus, the inhabitants of the world wide web are inclined to believe that the Duchess of Sussex was indeed pregnant. It is no secret that women in the position not to do the vaccinations that are compulsory for travellers to the continent. Most likely, this is why honeymoon the couple chose to hold in Botswana, and in Canada.

It is worth noting that many Internet users were skeptical of information on pregnancy Markle. They are convinced that the lovers just had a quarrel, so the Duchess remained in England.Recall that the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was held on 19 may at Windsor castle. The ceremony was held in the chapel of St. George. Married Harry and Megan Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. The wedding was attended by about 600 guests.

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