Malta may make the ship nearly drowned illegals

Мальта может принять судно с чуть не утонувшими нелегалами

Malta might make the ship a Lifeline of more than 230 illegal migrants on Board. About this informed the official representative of the government of France Benjamin Hryvnia.

He also said the radio station RTL that the leaders of the European countries must urgently act to resolve the problem of migrants. While France may send to Malta specialists, who will consider the requests of migrants for asylum.

The German vessel Lifeline rescued in the Mediterranean sea 234 illegal immigrants, some of whom are children. Italy refused to accept them, and now the ship awaits permission to enter the port of a neighbouring country.

Meanwhile, Malta refused to put in a port and rescue ship Aquarius 600 African migrants. As reported on Twitter, a non-governmental organization “Doctors without borders”, the explanation of failure is not provided.