KrAZ has introduced a new “tractor”

Four-wheel drive truck tractor KrAZ-6510 (6×6) — new tractor from KrAZ.

This new model, some of the Kremenchug automobile plant in its product line have not yet had. Technical requirements for the new product ordered by the customer. The main differences from the rest of the trucks KrAZ — hoodless cabin with a place for rest, engine power 460 HP, automatic transmission, winch with hydraulic drive and fifth wheel with three degrees of freedom under the king pin 3,5, writes with reference to .

In the cockpit the driver will be comfortable to the maximum. It has two ergonomic seats, which is located in the place. Integral steering mechanism of type “screw — ball nut” with a built-in dispenser and an amplifier, contributes to lower driver fatigue. The instrument panel and steering wheel have a lot of function keys.

Available — power Windows doors, heater and air conditioning, which will also add comfort and promote productivity.

The engine capacity of 460 horsepower, inline, six-cylinder. It is equipped with an electromagnetic clutch fan, pre-heater, electrically heated intake manifold. Engine start is performed using the electric starter, it is possible to connect the diagnostic unit. Box — automatic, 6 speed, hydraulic.

Transfer case mechanical, two with Central differential, locking material case and cover RC — high strength cast iron.

Bridges Central, two-stage, single-speed, with millennim differential, locking mechanisms, differentials in the middle and rear axles.

The full weight of the truck tractor KrAZ-6510 — 28000 kg, permissible load on fifth wheel — 17 000 kg.

The road train consisting of a tractor and semitrailer, the weight of 65 000 kg, has a top speed of 65 km/h Maximum angle of elevation overcome by the combination, — 36% (19°), the lateral inclination of 20°, fording depth — 1.2 m. the turning Radius of the tractor — 10 m

The wheels have a system of centralized tire inflation. Mechanical winch with hydraulic drive has a towing capacity of 15 tons, 63-meter rope F22, it is located on the frame behind the cab and is designed for pulling their own equipment on the trailer.

Fifth wheel “Georg Fisher” SK-HD 38.36 G under the king pin 3.5 inch, height 290 mm, stand height ≈385 mm, provides:
— full rotation of the coupling shaft about its vertical axis;
— the rotation in the vertical longitudinal plane of symmetry of the SSU angle of at least + 17º / -14;
— the rotation in the vertical transverse plane left and right at the angle not more than ± 7°.