Kiev rescuers prevented a double suicide. Video

The Teens decided to jump off the roof because of unrequited love.

Monday, June 25, in Kiev was removed from the roof, a guy and a girl who tried to jump off the roof, reported, citing .

“Noble my ass for the whole district: youngsters removed from the roof. Both in the ambulance. The reason – unrequited love. The girl’s name is Lisa, saying there were problems with the psyche. We thank the emergency services for immediate response!” reads captions to photos and videos.

The incident is not a joke stirred the social network.”One of the reasons of such behavior of teenagers that their problems adults think are worthy of attention, because it’s just kids, so there’s not problem,” “Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that children do not get enough attention… so they have it to themselves and attract,” – comments by users.