It became known the name of the assistant of the Deputy of Rada, firing on children

The offender was a Makarov pistol.

Near Kiev the assistant Deputy Yuli Mamchur opened fire on 14-year-olds.

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The incident occurred the afternoon of June 26 at the sports stadium of the city of Vyshneve, Kyiv region. Fairly tipsy the assistant Deputy took a traumatic gun and shot him.

“In 11.26 GF “Department of conservation” called the football coach Vlad, with the words “In the stadium, in the center of the Cherry, unknown shoot the kids!!!”, — reported in the press center of the state Fund “of the Department”.

Representatives of the Department gave the information to law enforcement authorities arrived at the scene.

The stadium was detained 45 — Oleg sh., a resident of Cherry. The offender was a pistol for shooting of rubber bullets. The culprit was drunk and shouted that he was assistant Deputy Yuli Mamchur.”He was in an alcohol intoxication test dragør showed of 2.61 ppm.

The detainee was acting defiant, cursing obscenities, everyone has said that it will be nothing, because he’s the assistant Deputy BP Yuli Mamchur”. — told the guards.