It became known as the changed level of the shadow economy over the past year

Shadowing level continues to fall slowly.

In 2017 the level of the shadow economy made up 31% of official GDP, up 4 percentage points less compared to the figure of 2016, whereas previously it was estimated at 33%.

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This is stated in the report of the Department of economic strategy and macroeconomic forecasting, Ministry of economic development.

According to the report, the unshadowing of the Ukrainian economy became possible due to the preservation of relative macro-financial stability in the context of expanding domestic demand and diversification of markets for Ukrainian products.

Among the positive factors are also provided to maintain a high level of business activity of the business “in terms of improving expectations and level of perception of the Ukrainian reforms in the world.”

The Ministry also notes the reduction of investment risks on the backdrop of relative macro-financial stabilization and the continuation of the process of economic reform.

“At the same time, the dynamics of shadowing is constrained by unresolved problems that have a negative impact on the economic development of the country as a whole. This, in particular: low trust in government institutions; the preservation of significant challenges to the stability of the financial system; the presence of the uncontrollable power of the territories, formed during the military aggression on the territory of the country”, – underlined in the message.As reported, according to the Ministry, the level of shadow economy of Ukraine in January-September of 2017 amounted to 33% of GDP, which is 3 percentage points less compared to the same period in 2016.