In Ukraine will reduce the width of roads

The vacated space will be allocated for bike paths and public transport.

In Ukraine introduced new rules the width of the lanes in the towns and villages that meet European safety standards on the roads. On Friday, June 22, wrote on his page in Facebook Deputy Leo Partskhaladze, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

The relevant changes relate to the design of new and reconstruction of existing streets and roads and are contained in the new State building standards (GOS). Updated the GOS have already been published and will come into force on 1 September 2018.

“Today in Ukraine the width of the lanes on the roads is 3.5 to 3.75 meters, depending on their destination. However, the European experience shows that the roads with smaller width of the lane — about 3-3,25 meters – subconsciously encourage drivers to go slower,” wrote Partskhaladze.

“So in the new GOS on the streets and roads we have decided to revise and adapt this regulation to the European, consequently narrowing the width of lanes on the Ukrainian roads in their design and construction”, – he added.

According to Partskhaladze, such changes will improve road safety and reduce accidents, increase capacity of streets and reduce congestion, as well as the effective development of Cycling and public transport by establishing separate lanes for them.

Under the new GOS, the width of the lanes on the main streets citywide and regional importance in major, large, large, medium and small cities, but the road of continuous movement, and on township roads and main roads is 3 m.

On the highways citywide importance of continuous movement in large and major cities lane width is 3.5 m.

On local residential streets and roads of all localities lane width is 2.75 m. today Current construction standards lane width of 3.75 m is foreseen for category I and II roads, 3.50 m – III 3.0 m – IV, and category V the width of the roadway are provided at the level of 4.5 m without dividing it into lanes.