In Ukraine, will open a plant for production of wiring systems

The plant will start work in autumn this year.

Plant for production of wiring systems Plank Electrotechnic, part of the conglomerate UFuture Investment Group Vasily Khmelnytsky, this fall will begin work in the industrial Park of White Church, writes the Internet-the edition with reference to .

“This fall, we will receive a plant that will produce products. It will be used not only in Ukraine, it will be aimed at exports to Europe, as all the plants we will build according to European standards”, – I wrote to Khmelnytsky.

It is expected that the plant will manufacture electrical fittings and other electrical products, on average, will produce 4.6 million units of products per year.

According to the Director Plank Electrotechnic Alexander Kryzhanovsky, putting the plant into operation is scheduled for September 2018, but now in rented space started pilot production technology of injection of composite plastics (injection moulding with a clamping force up to 130 tons).

In addition, it is reported that in the second phase (expected in 2019 – ed.) within the cluster will be launched manufacture by extrusion of reinforced pipes for plumbing and heating systems, trunking and skirting boards of different dimensions. In addition, the pultrusion process will produce composite rebar, profiles, and fibreglass mesh.The company also evaluated the electrical accessories market in Ukraine in UAH 500 million per year, while noting that Ukrainian products will have a competitive price with high quality.