In Ukraine can rise the Internet

Bill tried to take last year.

A bill to permit the security service to block sites without a court order, will not only affect freedom of speech on the network, but also can lead to higher prices for Internet in Ukraine.

It says the head of the Internet Association of Ukraine Alexander Fedenko, writes with reference to .

According to him, the total value of all tehsredstv that the deputies want to oblige to buy Internet service providers is approximately $ 1.5 billion, respectively, this will have an impact on the cost of services for Ukrainian users.

Fedienko also added that the bill tried to adopt last year, but under public pressure he was frozen.

“Purchase money tehsredstv providers to monitor and block content will lead to more expensive services and it’s a way to monopolize the market,” explained Fedienko.However, he believes that small providers will simply not have the funds for this equipment.

We will remind, on June 21 in the agenda of the Verkhovna Rada included the draft law # 6688. It provides for the resolution of the security service to block sites without a court order.