In the United States men detained the plane, refusing to sit with women

In the US, delayed flight due to the fact that men didn’t want to sit next to women.

The incident occurred on Board the aircraft, EN route from new York to tel Aviv. Flight attendants to calm the passengers are unable, writes with reference to .

Four ultra-Orthodox Jews refused to sit next to two passengers from America and Israel on the flight of the Israeli airline El Al.

“Flight attendants tried to resolve the situation, but it didn’t work, because they, too, were women – shared in Facebook by one of the travelers Hyun Rotem. These men not only refused to talk to them, but even to look at them. All male employees except for the pilot, solved this problem instead of having to prepare the plane for takeoff”.

Rotem also said that one of the men was “so ascetic,” which did not open her eyes until the end of the flight, not to see women, although the culprits of the incident were transferred to other places.

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