In the United States at the dump found a rare Opel GT

In the U.S. city of Denver at one of the landfills of old cars found Opel GT 1968 model year that was made for Europe.

Unfortunately, the classic car is in terrible condition, writes with reference to .

Opel has released a “charged” Opel GT for only five years – from 1968 to 1973. For its time it was a great car. It was called “mini-Corvette to Europe.” Why? Because it was very similar to the Chevrolet Corvette.

It is a pity that in our days such cars have very little. Especially sad to see the Opel GT in the junkyard of old cars in Denver. The body is all corroded with rust, the “stuffing” there. The engine is also missing. The idea is that there was once or 1.1 l engine capacity of 67 horsepower, or a 1.9 liter engine capacity of 102 HP

At first glance it seems that Opel GT is nothing you can do that you can’t recover it. However, in the automotive world nothing is impossible. There were cases that were restore cars in worse condition. The issue rests on the desire and availability of money from enthusiasts. Personally, we would not be surprised if in a year the Internet will show the restored Opel GT 1968 which found in a landfill in Denver.