In the UK expand Heathrow airport

The British Parliament approved the government’s proposal for the construction of a third runway at Heathrow airport.

The extension of the main airport in the UK is estimated to cost $18.6 billion According to the head of the government Theresa may, the construction prostimulirujte growth of the national economy on the background of the upcoming withdrawal from the EU, writes with reference to .

Although the project turned out to be a lot of supporters, environmentalists are sounding the alarm: they are predicting a serious deterioration of the situation in the capital. Also excited Londoners living near the airport. According to activists, the airport after the construction of the third band will produce as much carbon dioxide as all of Portugal. Noise Heathrow has surpassed many European airports – planes land and take off with it every 90 seconds.

The project has caused controversy in Parliament. The main opponent of the project – foreign Minister Boris Johnson was unavailable to vote. It is expected that the project of the government, approved by Parliament, will be repeatedly challenged in the British courts.

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