In the state Duma called for the abolition of criminal liability for reposts

В Госдуме выступили за отмену уголовной ответственности за репосты

Projects about the transfer of responsibility for reposts on the Internet from the criminal code to the administrative code is reasonable, the initiative should be discussed, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Yuri sinelschikov (CPRF).

“In principle, I’m for that, of course, some formulations of criminal acts throw in the Code of administrative offences. Perhaps this article and the crimes under this article, the first part, especially not belong to the category of any serious or highly dangerous to society crimes… In principle, I think there is an understanding,” said Sinel’shchikov RIA Novosti.

The MP stressed that it is necessary to examine in detail the draft text carefully to analyze them and discuss.

On Monday, the deputies of the state Duma Alexey Zhuravlev and Sergei Shargunov brought in the state Duma a package of bills that exclude criminal liability for reposts on the Internet. The purpose of the bill is to “establish a fair liability for the acts of minor degree of public danger and because they can not considered a criminal offense, for example, “repost” posts and news in social networks and other resources of the Internet, the authors of the initiative.

The MPs also propose to exclude the criminality of an offence provided for by part 1 of article 282 of the criminal code and to establish that criminal liability for incitement of hatred or enmity, and humiliation of human dignity occurs only in the case, “if the act is committed with violence or threat of violence and (or) by a person using his official position or by an organized group”.