In the North, Lipetsk region, have found a fragment of the cosmic body

Lipetsk find is a stone meteorite.

Experts from the Ural Federal University in the North of the Lipetsk region fragment of the cosmic body, which fell to the Ground on the morning of 21 June.

Find — a stone meteorite, measuring about three inches, according to the website of the University, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

Morning of June 21 residents of five regions of Central Russia saw in the sky a bright object, which flared up and then burned up in the atmosphere. The duration of the bright phase was about 4 seconds.

The staff of the laboratory of Urfu Extra terra consortium are currently engaged in a search operation on a place of possible falling meteor shower in Central black earth area.

The chip size of 2.5 to 4 cm belongs to the class of chondrites (type of stone meteorites), it is possible that such debris in this area can be many.

“On 21 June in the topsoil at 4:16 Moscow time was observed fireball. The NASA website the flash output was 2.8 kilotons. The race car charm, very steep trajectory — 79 degrees, the velocity at atmospheric entry 14 km/s, the flash is fixed at the height of 27 km, so is seen even in Moscow,” – said Urfu Professor Victor Grokhovsky.”Lipetsk find is a stone meteorite is already installed, more properties are going to study in our laboratory after delivery of the fragments and returning employees. I think there is a good stone rain fell and there will be more discoveries,” – said the scientist.

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