In Russia began to smoke the plane with the fans

While the smoke was not tilted oxygen masks.

A passenger plane with football fans from Peru to smoke on Saturday on approach to Tyumen (Russia).

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“Passenger aircraft Utair which carried out flight Ekaterinburg – Tyumen, puffed turbine on the approach to the airport, and then smoke began to enter the passenger compartment. However, the plane landed successfully,” – said in the message.

It is noted that the plane with the football fans of the national team of Peru was flying from Ekaterinburg to Moscow in Tyumen. 20 minutes before landing, the passengers heard a clap, after some time in the cabin of the aircraft began to penetrate the smoke – the aircraft caught fire turbine.

According to passengers, the crew did not speak English or Spanish, flight attendants, nothing was explained about the incident. “They just stopped to ask us to buckle up before landing,” leads the Peruvian channel RPP the words of one of the passengers in the plane.

Another passenger said that during the smoke was not tilted oxygen masks, only two stewards went from side to side.In a press-service of the carrier RBC confirmed that one of the engines of the aircraft, flying UT106 Yekaterinburg – Tyumen, “errors occurred”. “The air-conditioning system into the cabin briefly had to go smoke, and then the system cleared the air,” said Utair.

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