In Kiev the people’s Deputy has apologized for the act of his assistant

To a scene there arrived guard and the police.

After the incident, MP Yuliy Mamchur apologized to the parents of the injured boy at the stadium in the city of cherry during a football workout, then freed from the duties of the negligent assistant.

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On his page in Facebook the people’s Deputy Yuly Mamchur apologized to the parents of the child who was shot at the stadium in a Cherry, and noted that every person regardless of their status are responsible for their actions. He also announced the decision on deprivation of its status of assistant Deputy on a voluntary basis.

In addition, as revealed from the information of Civil formation “Department of safety” Facebook page, the assistant Deputy was very drunk and made indiscriminate firing at the stadium, which at that time held the training of children in football, on the field, there were about 70 people, mostly children. In the end, one child 14 years of age received a tangential wound to the leg, thankfully his life is not threatened.At eleven thirty in the morning, the football coach called security GF “protection Department” on the phone and said that an unknown man shoots at children. To a scene there arrived guard and the police of the city of Cherry, and all the leadership of the police and Cherry, the Kiev-Sviatoshynsky area. When the joint efforts of the gunmen was arrested, swearing, saying that it will be nothing as it assistant to the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada. Gunmen have seized a gun and shells, as it turned out he was drunk – Drager showed a 2.61 ppm alcohol.