In Kiev demolished 19 Mafov

Mafy were established illegally.

In the period from 18 to 23 June 2018 CE “Kyyivblahoustriy” dismantled in Kiev 19 illegal temporary buildings, reports citing .

Acting Director of KP “Kievblagoustroystvo” Andrey Andreev has published data on the executed KP “Kievblagoustroystvo” dismantling operations during the fourth week of June. He noted that Saturday, June 23, was working so the utility was able to handle a larger volume of demolition and temporary structures for the week.During the period from 18 to 23 June 19 was dismantled illegal temporary structures:

2 pavilions on the street, 123-127
1 shop-trailer on the street, 14/38
1 pavilion on the corner of the street Goloseevsky, 84 and M. STEL’makha St.
1 pavilion at St. Boychuk, 1/2
1 kiosk on the street Boychuk, 1/2
1 garage on Preobrazhenskaya St., 22
1 building on the corner of the street Sholem Aleichem and street
1 construction site on the street Rokossovsky, 3-4
2 stalls-trailers in Obolonskiy prosp., 45/28
5 garages on the street, 38-and
1 fence on svetlitskogo str, 31/7
1 pavilion on the street Vishnyakovskaya, 11
1 premises for stay of employees on heroes of Brest

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