In India a woman specially poisoned 88 do

In the Indian village in Mahad district Raigad party a housewarming party ended in tragedy.

23-year-old Pradnya Survase poison, which poison of snakes into a container prepared by the village chef Chalom — traditional spicy soup of beans, writes with reference to .

In the result several hours later was hospitalized 88. According to Metro, five of them died — four children aged from seven to 13 years, and 53-year-old man. All the party had 120 people.

When police began to question those who were served food, Pradnya confessed. She stated that she wanted to poison their relatives: husband, mother-in-law, two sisters-in-law and sister-in-law and her husband. Survase said that within two years her marriage ceremony relatives “regularly insulted her” because too dark of skin color, but also mocked her cooking, saying that she can’t cook. Pradnya, who divorced first husband, I was sure that relatives and destroyed her second marriage.

Now the woman faces the death penalty.