Hungary lifted the veto on the summit Ukraine-the NATO-Georgia

The blocking of the bilateral Commission Ukraine – the NATO remains in force.

Hungary lifted the veto on the holding of separate meetings of the leaders of the NATO with participation of the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, however, continues to block the Commission Ukraine-NATO (KUN). On Friday, June 22, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siyyarto, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

Szijjártó stressed that Hungary’s decision on blocking political meetings of the Commission Ukraine-the NATO remains in force. He said this at a press conference in the Lower Solotvyno (Transcarpathia) after the first round of consultations with the participation of heads the Ministry of foreign Affairs and Ministry of education of Ukraine and their colleagues from Hungary.

“The decision of the Hungarian government is clear. Before the recommendations of the Venice Commission will be fulfilled, we cannot support Ukraine’s rapprochement with NATO”, – he said.

And while the KUN during the next NATO summit is impossible, Hungary agreed to participate Poroshenko in a special format of the summit.

Szijjártó acknowledged that such an agreement was reached with the participation of the American side.

“A few weeks ago I met in Washington with Mr. Pompeo, but I told him that we have nothing against that in the framework of the summit meeting of the security on the Black sea, which will invite the President of Ukraine”, – he said.

European sources of truth in diplomatic circles confirmed that Poroshenko had received an invitation to such a meeting.

It will be held with the participation of heads of States and governments of NATO countries, the leaders of Ukraine and Georgia.Note that the idea of the summit Ukraine-the NATO-Georgia sounded before, but Hungary has long blocked its implementation.