How useful obesity: unexpected conclusion of scientists

It turns out that overweight has its advantages.

Scientists conducted a global study lasting about four years. To explore the experts have collected questionnaires from 35 thousand patients of infectious hospitals who were admitted for treatment by ambulance.

In the end, the researchers came to the conclusion that people who have a lot of excess weight or the diagnosis of “obesity” are much more likely not to die and to recover faster after getting into their body of any infections.

As it turned out, those who had a little overweight, but in General they can be called complete, could count on protection from a fatal outcome due to infectious disease by 40%. And people with obesity the risk of dying was reduced by more than 50%.

Contributing factors

Scientists were very surprised that the trend is powerful protection against complications and death resulting from destruction of the body serious infections remained even in the case when they studied the profiles of smokers and those who had previously diagnosed chronic diseases.

The idea is that such contributing factors were to worsen the situation and “spoil” the statistics, but they did not affect the overall picture and the conclusions of scientists regarding the fact that obesity may be useful in the event of hospitalization of person with infectious disease to hospital.

Of course, this conclusion researchers should not become the cause of the universal tendency to gain more weight, especially because in many countries the number of people with obesity exceeds all acceptable norms.By the way, today the risk of death from various infections is the only useful property of excess weight, but in all other fields of human activity obesity brings exceptional harm.