How to cook a healthy dinner for the whole family: the basic rules

Nutritionists have shared the cooking healthy dinner.

The family usually consists of at least two generations – children and parents. But it also happens that at the same table every day, going to grandparents, moms and dads and their kids.

Accordingly, the age of the household is different this means that and vitamin requirements at them different.

How, then, to please the whole family and to take care of the health of your family?

The nutritionists have the answers to these questions and they consist in the following:

– all family members should have the opportunity to choose;

– if the family is large, then a universal solution is a big plate of just sliced vegetables and any protein – meat, fish, eggs, seafood;

– in the case when one of the family members adhere to a vegetarian diet, the vegetables and fruits you can Supplement with Greek yogurt/kefir/fermented baked milk;

– you can advance to discuss the menu for the next dinner with the whole family, a compromise solution is always there;

– it is not necessary to fill in every dish that was prepared by the hostess, the best – placed in the center of the table main dish, such as macaroni or porridge, and each will fill yourself as much as you want;

– experts advise not to mix the dishes, that is, if the pasta you cooked the sauce with seafood, who can not love the elderly and children, it is better to leave it in the next plate.The same goes for drinks, if you all like to drink after dinner tea or juice, it is necessary to prepare in advance, at the right moment to serve and to enjoy joint pastime.