How to avoid age-related memory loss: medical advice

Experts shared valuable recommendations that will help to keep the memory till the end of life.

With age, human cognitive abilities are greatly reduced, but scientists believe that natural aging can be delayed.

In the US one of the leading neurobiologic developed a system of exercises called neyrobika, which can be used to save memory and to avoid the development of dementia.

What you need to do to memory and mental abilities in old age has remained at the same level as at a young age, or even improved?

Every day you need to perform these exercises:

1. Walk barefoot on grass and sand. This exercise is helpful because the feet are concentrated nerve endings that stimulate certain centers of the brain.

2. Not read to myself and aloud. It turns out that when people read aloud, it makes your brain work harder.

3. Use a dictionary of synonyms. People throughout his life used the same words, but to activate the brain, improve intelligence and develop a great memory, researchers are advised to think of synonyms and use them in your speech.

4. Read more. There is a catch, namely that you need to read not what you like, and some specific literature where you will be able to learn new information.

5. To change hand. Periodically, you use “off” hand. That is, if you’re right – handed, you will need at least sometimes to use the left hand. Left-handers need to do the same with the right hand.

6. Play word games with me. This game develops your brain and helps your memory. A huge plus is that people can play it yourself. For example, when waiting for your turn at the checkout in the supermarket or the Bank.

7. To experiment in the kitchen. Especially this exercise will appeal to those who are unemployed or retired. Cooking unusual recipes – a very entertaining action that will benefit the brain. But if the dish is like, next time it should try to cook without prompting in the form of a book with the recipes, thus will improve memory.Listen to the recommendations of scientists and then there’s no problem with the memory you have will not occur in the elderly.