GPU turns the investigation of the Maidan

The GPU said that we are not talking about liquidation and reorganization.

Association of attorneys of the Heavenly hundred has made the elimination of the Department of special investigations of the General Prosecutor’s office, which in the GPU are called reorganization, “downsizing the investigation of the Maidan.”

This is stated in the open appeal of public organization “Law Advisory group” to the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, writes with reference to .

“The lawyers – participants of peaceful protests during the revolution of Dignity – are very concerned about the planned elimination of the Department of special investigations of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. We regard this step, as the curtailment of the investigation of the Maidan and the abandonment to their fate of cases that have already been submitted to the court,” – said in a statement posted to Facebook.

Lawyers are reminded that, under pressure from victims, advocates and the public in January 2015, was created by the Office of special investigations, which later became a Department, and only after that the investigation really moved.

“Elimination of JEM and the spraying of the investigative and judicial leaders in the different divisions will destroy the single focal point of investigation – a shared vision, strategy, negates the achievements of previous years, for a long time will stop or significantly slow down the investigation or even bring him to nothing,” say the lawyers.

They believe that the purpose of this reorganization, and in fact the elimination of is the elimination of “uncomfortable and disloyal subordinate” – Sergey Gorbatyuk and the same investigators and prosecutors.

“And in the future – to operate in manual mode things that have to guide GPU of interest (for example, in a case concerning P. Manafort, the case of the officers of the case against the leadership of national police and security service), and on the other – forget”, – activists write.

They called the manipulation of public opinion, when the Prosecutor General’s office said that the reorganization as if due to legislative changes.

“Since the establishment of the Department by order of the same attorney-General in 2016, these changes in the law occurred. The presence of DSR at the same time and investigation departments and Department for procedural guidance to fully comply with the legislation of Ukraine in 2016, and says now,” say the lawyers.They turn to Lutsenko with the requirement to keep and even strengthen the Department by increasing the number of investigators and prosecutors, and to stop pressure on its head Sergey Gorbatyuk.