Google will not display the indicator for a secure connection in Chrome

The browser will be celebrating using unprotected HTTP sites as “unsafe”.

From September Google will no longer display an HTTPS connection (the green text that says “protected” or “secure”) in the user interface of the Chrome browser.

About it reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

It is noted that with the release version of Chrome-70 in October, the browser will be celebrating using unprotected HTTP sites as “unsafe”.

According to representatives of Google, shown by the indicator information is not needed, because “Internet users should be safe by default.”

A number of changes also will affect the Google privacy policy. Under the new rules, Google will have the right to collect certain information about the user’s device.

“We collect information about the devices (such as the model, operating system version, unique device identifiers and information about mobile network and phone number)”, – stated in the message.

Under the new rules, the company has the right to save all created with its products content.”We also collect content that You create, download or receive from other users of our products. It comprises letters, photos and videos that You save documents and spreadsheets, the author of which You are, Your comments to YouTube clips, etc.”, – stated in the agreement. How to assure the representatives of Google, such measures are intended to increase the user experience.