Google has released an affordable tablet

Google has created a tablet that will be sold at an affordable price – $500

Recently, the interest of buyers to the tablets significantly slept, and the culprit were the limitations of the operating systems on which they work, writes with reference to

Even the functionality of Android is not enough for comfortable work with files, not to mention the representatives of the model range iPad Pro, which is designed rather for some limited people, rather than professionals, says Apple.

Fortunately, Google has managed to create a tablet that runs on Chrome OS and superior to all its competitors.

Now there are tablet computers based on Windows 10, which is almost any task, but using them is uncomfortable because of the abundance of unnecessary features and functionality, and “Windows” on mobile gadgets works not so fast as we would like.

As it became known today, on June 23, 2018, Google has created the best tablet in the world, which will be sold at an affordable price – $500. It is reported that the base of the product was 8-nuclear processor Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 845 2.8 GHz and graphics Adreno 630. Due to a proprietary tablet “the search giant” will have the opportunity to work on a single charge when the screen is active more than one day.

While it is unknown whether the device connect to the cell network LTE 4G or some other, but it is known that as the OS uses the Chrome OS. If describe this operating system, it is appropriate to say that it’s a cross between macOS and Linux, but very much simplified and adapted for the most part under the job with the Internet.Through cooperation with Qualcomm, Google plans to attempt to create a new class of devices, reviving the interest of buyers to the tablet, which due to the new OS it will be possible to fully operate and connect various kinds of add-ons including the mouse and keyboard. According to preliminary data, Google will unveil its first tablet on Chrome OS and processor of ARM in October of this year, with new smartphones – Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

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