Fighter of Donbass spoke about the atrocities in Russian captivity

Russian invaders and collaborators were tortured and executed some of the fighters captured in August 2014.

Three Ukrainian soldiers, which the Russians captured near Ilovaysk, beheaded, another cut out the heart. This was told at a briefing for foreign ambassadors, the former fighter of a voluntary battalion Donbass Dmitry Kulish with the call sign “Seven”, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

He said that he was captured at the exit from the Ilovaiskaya operational environment in August 2014. The fighter said that the prisoners Ukrainians saw the Russian curators of the separatists.

Kulish also spoke about how he was in captivity, cut off the skin with a Patriotic tattoos, and tortured with electric current.

“The three defenders of Ukraine who were taken hostage, beheaded. Still one strapped to a machine with a metal rope and was dragged, then cut out the heart,” he said.

In turn, the head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak reported that recorded “a lot of facts of torture and on the territory of the Russian Federation”.

“Our captured soldiers were transported to Russia, where under the guidance of security personnel, typically the FSB, interrogated, tortured, and then returned back to the Donbass.

23-24 August 2014, Ukraine was invaded by Russian army in several battalion tactical groups in several parts of the front that eventually led to the formation of Ilovaisky environment and fierce fighting in the Donbass with the greatest losses of personnel and equipment of the ATO forces during the Russian-Ukrainian war. The balance of forces ATO Russian troops and collaborators were: personnel – 1 to 18, tanks 1 to 11, armored vehicles – 1 to 16, artillery – 1 to 15 and Hail – 1 to 24.

29 Aug invaders shot leaving the promised invaders green corridor of the column of ATO forces, killing at least 366 people and injuring 429 MB. 300 soldiers were captured. Losses of arms and military equipment amounted to about 300 million UAH.Despite the treachery of the Russians and extremely unfortunate for Ukraine, the balance of forces of ATO forces and gave battle to the enemy, destroying a lot of manpower and equipment.