Experts told anyone in Ukraine can be considered “middle class”

Economists have identified three criteria.

In Ukraine GDP is growing, wages and income levels, but it reduces the number of people that can be attributed to the middle class. And our middle class is inherently different from that in the West, reports citing .


According to a recent study by the Razumkov Center, people can be roughly classified as middle class, we have about 25%. The main evaluation criteria three, as in the world: material prosperity, education and civic engagement, but adjusted to our reality. There are subsidiary indicators: availability of health insurance, savings in the Bank, the opportunity to give free education to children, to obtain a mortgage or other large loan in the Bank.

In the end, income for the middle class took, those whose income per month is at least two prominimum (3400 UAH), is education not lower than secondary special, have their own apartment or house, car economy and possibility of annual vacation in Ukraine or abroad. Men among them, 51%, women 49%, almost half live in cities with the population over 100 thousand people, and only 22% in rural areas. Most middle-class young men aged 18-39 years, those 55%. Among people over 50 years and retired them only 18%. While two of the three have higher education or study at universities.

Was also thoroughly interviewed the respondents stated that consider themselves middle class. As it turned out, their views are at odds with reality. For example, durable goods (furniture, appliances) is only 86% of them, their homes — 70%, car — 41%, savings — 15%, able to rest comfortably abroad — 13%, medical insurance — 12%. That is, the Ukrainians, consider themselves “average” because it “enough to live on”, does not correspond in this sense to the world standards.


Other economists call the same criteria for the middle class, but we are sure that only the income should be much more than two prozhminimuma per person. According to the head of the Secretariat of the Council of entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Andrew Zablovskogo, such income single family middle class should be at least thousands of dollars per month (27 thousand).

“The middle class includes those who have enough funds for nutrition and treatment, can afford a couple times a year to relax, able to buy house/car on your own or on credit. The middle class can meet in addition to the core requirements a little more,” — said Zablovsky.

Also, according to him, the middle class is characterized by high social activity. Usually people are taking an active part in social life and political processes (this is at odds with the findings, as most respondents noted the low civic position). The expert says that the middle class yet becomes less due to a decrease in the population of Ukraine, labor migration and a decrease in real income due to inflation.

Good education and support

According to the Executive Director of the Economic discussion club (EDK) Oleg Pendzin, the representative of the Ukrainian middle class — a highly qualified employee who is interested in the workplace.

“The government can save the middle class and has to think of industrial policy, re-industrialization and to organize state support to industries. The government needs to decided how to create jobs. This will be an incentive for people not to leave the country in search of work abroad,” — emphasizes the expert.

And economist Ivan Khokhlov said that the middle class can grow and increase its number, to help people create new projects on micro-businesses.”Many people who live in small towns and villages where there is no work. And if the government will launch the state program, citizens will be able to open the farm to grow fruit, to do business. This will help people get back on their feet and eventually become middle class, says the economist. — Another important component — modernization of secondary and higher education, which must be reformatted and adapted to the needs of the present. Become more applied. Unfortunately, there is a tendency, when the University going for the “crust” and not for real knowledge.”

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