Experts told about the nuances of automation of the restaurant

To improve the quality of services of the institution, experts recommend to automate the workflow through a special program.

The automation system of restaurant or cafe you can better control the institution, to improve the quality of services, to speed up the process visitors ‘ adjust menu, and in General to raise the status of the enterprise. For the modern Manager is an important step that will help to create or improve an existing restaurant business.

Equipment for automation of public catering

Together with the automation system you need to purchase the special POS equipment. As a rule, for each type of restaurant or cafe offers ready-made kits, pre-configured and tested by the manufacturers and are equipped with software.

The cost of POS terminals varies depending on the model, size, capacity, and parts in the kit. The average price starts from 6200 UAH and may reach 26 thousand UAH.

Again, the equipment is selected individually for the facility, so as to set a professional kit in a small coffee shop is optional and can be restricted to a compact set at a lower price.

Why the automation system and how much it costs?

These are the most common questions, the answers to which are interesting for owners of a new restaurant business or startups in this area.

Automation system for food service establishments need to:

– to increase the profitability of the institution and its profitability;

– to prevent illegal actions of staff, such as theft of products or equipment.

– to control the operation of the restaurant/café and if you want to optimize it;

– to increase the efficiency of staff;

– to improve the quality of services provided;

– to select repeat visitors and provide them with special discount offers;

– effectively plan and analyse the activities of the institution.

What processes avtomatiziruete?

1. Sale.
2. Accounting.
3. Logistics and warehouse.
4. The management of the institution and staff.

Automation software restaurant POS Seсtor you can rent and then her cost would be $ 1-2 per day. Also, it can be purchased once and for all for $ 30 and not to make any additional payments.

By the way, the program of automation of the restaurant can be used without the Internet.