Eva Longoria showed a photo with newborn son

This the actress touched his fans.

A week ago, 43-year-old Eva Longoria first became a mother, giving birth to a son, who was given the name Santiago.

On Instagram, the actress has managed to share a couple of photos with her newborn son, but that picture, which she shared today, touched a broad audience of social networks to tears.

On a black and white photograph shows the tiny feet of a newborn Santiago that hold mom and dad.

In the caption to the picture Eva Longoria thanked all the medical staff of the clinic involved in the birth and support her and the baby after birth. And also added that he loves this photo because it serves as a reminder to her of when Santiago grows up, he will still be her child.Has not passed also days as a new family photo of Eva Longoria with her husband and son were liked by about 600 thousand instagram users.