E3 2018: world premiere of Fallout 76

the game will focus on multiplayer with survival elements.

At its press conference during the exhibition E3 2018, the company Bethesda Softworks has shared details about the highly anticipated Fallout 76. Confirmed the most exciting information — the game will focus on multiplayer with survival elements. “Battle Royale” is not stated, but will require a permanent Internet connection. At the same time, says Director and Executive producer of Bethesda Game Studios Todd Howard (Todd Howard), it is still possible to go it alone, but it will be much more difficult, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

Fallout 76 is the background to all games in the series. We promise the greatest (4 times more than the fourth part) and the saturated world of post-Apocalypse in the entire history of the Fallout universe.

The plot in the courtyard of the 2102 year. 25 years after the nuclear bombing is the main character and other residents of the Asylum come to earth post-nuclear America. In Fallout 76 will allow us to explore 6 huge regions of West Virginia forests from Appalachia to the fetid swamps of the crimson Cranberry bogs.

Everyone will have the opportunity to release a nuclear missile to a specific point on the map, killing all of its inhabitants, though it is necessary to collect a special code. Note that activation of nuclear weapons will be a pleasant side — the site of the explosion, among other things, will have a high-level area with a bunch of valuable and rare resources. Of course, kill other users will allow and without nuclear missiles, but the developers suggest not to get carried away, because your head will be assigned a solid reward.

Back and construction: the platform is C. A. M. P. will allow you to build houses and create objects anywhere in the world. It can help to build the vital shelter supplies to produce and organize the defense.

76 Fallout is created on the updated version of the engine Creation Engine, therefore, the authors promise improved graphics, lighting system and technologies of drawing of landscape. The game will be released on 14 November 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Before she passed through beta testing, which will allow all those who place an early purchase. In addition to the standard edition will also allow you to order Power Armor Edition which will be released in limited edition. It will cost $200 and, in addition to the game, will offer the following:helmet kit power armor T-51 in full size, equipped with a speaker for the modulation of speech, the frontal led lamp and sound system V. A. T. S.;
duffel bag, “West-Tek”;
the map of the game world with a size of 53 × 53 cm backlit in the dark;
24 collectible figurines Fallout;
metal box in honor of the tercentenary of the United States;
access to the beta version of Fallout 76;
additional in-game items.

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