E3 2018: For Honor Starter Edition absolutely free

Usually this version, which is available in six characters instead of twelve, cost $15.

From 12 to 18 June Ubisoft distributes for free on its official website the game For Honor in the version of Starter Edition for personal computers.

Usually this version, which is available in six characters instead of twelve, worth $15, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

As in the standard edition, three of these heroes fully unlocked and configured from the beginning. The rest have to buy in-game currency, but the team at Ubisoft has estimated that to unlock one character most of the players enough to hold in Honor For 8-15 hours.

To gift on the official website. To participate you must create an account in Uplay. This morning June 12, Uplay is under heavy load and could become unstable.

The reason for such generosity Ubisoft was the announcement of a major update For Honor called Marching Fire, the launch of which is expected in mid-October. In Marching Fire will be a new faction Wu Lin – four characters from China.

Also, the game adds a new mode Breach Mode, which will be completely free. Here, the simulated storming of the castle where you fight two teams of four people — one defending, and the second attack. In Breach Mode uses cards that are designed specifically for this mode. The developers believe that Breach Mode may be the flagship mode of the game, replacing Dominion.For Honor video game, a fighting game with a third person. Released by Ubisoft for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The announcement of the game took place at E3 2015. The reviewers call For Honor a comprehensive simulation of a medieval warrior, praise the diversity of characteristics of fighters, plenty of situations in battles with lots of players in multiplayer, impressive fight.

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