Don’t panic in Ukraine found the reason for the sharp rise of the dollar

The national Bank said not to believe the gloomy forecasts.

The national Bank explained why the dollar rises in price, and explained why “we should not dramatize the situation.”

About it reports a press-service of the national Bank. This writes with reference to .

NBU Deputy Oleg Churiy a quarterly meeting with heads of 40 largest financial institutions of Ukraine has allocated from the negative factors of growth of the dollar weakening investor interest in developing countries and a “substantial isolation” of Ukraine from the international capital markets.

“Short-term capital inflows to our country, and accordingly the outflow was low volume. Therefore trends in global markets while not creating risk to the external stability of the Ukrainian economy”, — said Curi.

He assured bankers that the quotes are now determined solely by balance of supply and demand. Exchange rate and sets the trend external environment, which contributes to increasing the supply of currency by exporters, but also generates the demand for currency from importers and companies involved in the repatriation of dividends.However, only the beginning of the week according to the official data of the national Bank, weighted average rate of the dollar on the interbank market rose more than 20 cents, to 27.49 UAH./

Bankers say the increased demand for currency from foreign investors, who in recent days, actively getting rid of government bonds in national currency and convert the proceeds into foreign currency.