Domracheva announced the completion of a career

Famous Belarusian biathlete Darya Domracheva after her husband star OLE-Einar Bjoerndalen has decided to end his career.

“I thought for a long time. All the time after the end of the season I was trying to find a compromise that would allow me to raise a child and combine it with their professional career.

Unfortunately, I have not found the optimal solution, which would combine these two important areas of life for me.

This decision is deliberate. Of course, not easy. I am finishing my sports career”, – quotes “” words Domracheva, said at a press conference at the NOC Belarus.

Domracheva has performed in the world Cup since 2006. The Belarusian became the first biathlete in history to have won at the Olympic games four gold medals, including victory in the relay at the Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang.

Just on account Domracheva 34 wins in the world Cup and 81 podium. Daria two times became the world champion and Europe, and in the 2014-2015 season became the winner of the Big crystal globe.In addition to Darya Domracheva after the Olympic season career finished Anastasia Kuzmina, and Marie Dorin habert. Probably will not return to biathlon and Gabriela Soukalova.