Doctors told how to avoid over conditioning

Air conditioning in the summer is the main reason for colds.

In the heat of another method of cooling but the air conditioner in the room, no.

But doctors advise not too use it actively as it is often the cause of colds accompanied by runny nose, cough and other unpleasant symptoms.

How to avoid because of the air conditioner:

1. The first step is to do a preventive cleaning of the air conditioner before the season. During the winter it accumulates germs and mold, and therefore include not purified air is dangerous to health. As a rule, people who don’t brush their conditioning, others more susceptible to bacterial pneumonia.

2. To set the temperature below 22°C. This temperature is enough to cool off.

3. Near air conditioning put a basin of water or humidifier. The thing is that the air flowing through the conditioner, very dry, and in this environment, bacteria multiply faster.

4. Try not to go on the heat with a very cold space and Vice versa. Sudden changes in temperature can cause not only cold, but a spasm of blood vessels, which is harmful to the heart.

5. If you walked into the room, the air conditioner need at 28°C, and then gradually lower the degree.At night, if the weather is very hot, turn the air conditioner on a maximum of 25°C and hide sheets. Also, you can set the timer to the air conditioning is turned off after a certain time.