Doctors told about the risks of public restrooms

A visit to these toilets is harmful to health.

Experts say that people heavily health risks lingering in the cubicles in public lavatories. They believe that threat is everything that touches the visitor, reports citing .

Scientists have warned that a visit to the public toilets could have a negative impact on human health. Dangerous are all the objects and surfaces in a common washroom, which touch the visitors and which fly spray after flushing the toilet.

Many bacteria accumulate on the towels, the taps, soap holders, devices for drying hands and a supply of paper towels. These are the items most often used by people, having thus registered the need. To reduce the risk of infection, experts recommend to open the door, the faucet using paper towels.

Some people even smoke in the cabins, and sometimes eat and drink what is considered to be unhygienic. Also I do not advise to use the phone in a public toilet. On mobile devices is deposited several times more bacteria than a toilet seat.The seat is not dangerous, say scientists, as germs infected the body through the hands. In General, experts advise not to stay long in the cabin common washroom.