Doctors refuted the common myths about stroke

In society there are many misconceptions about stroke.

As you know, a stroke is an acute cerebrovascular disease in which cells die in the brain, so doctors have only a few hours for the rehabilitation of the patient.

Doctors are sounding the alarm, because I formed a lot of myths about stroke, which hinder patients to promptly seek medical care and prevent serious complications.

Experts have refuted the most common misconceptions about stroke, in which many believe

1. To transport person with stroke is strictly prohibited. In fact, leave a person at the place where the attack occurred, and not to take to the hospital – can result in death, as in the hospital the doctors there are much more tools for the treatment of patients with impaired cerebral circulation.

2. A good doctor can diagnose a stroke “by eye”. In fact, without computer imaging to make an accurate diagnosis is not that impossible, and impossible. Symptoms of a stroke can be similar to the symptoms for a brain tumor and other serious diseases.

3. As soon as the stroke symptoms disappeared, the treatment does not need. This is one of the most dangerous myths that can lead to serious consequences. Just turning to the neurologist and after the examination, you can be sure that the risk of recurrent stroke will be reduced to zero.

4. Rehabilitation after a stroke disappear within a few weeks after getting to the hospital. On the contrary, doctors say that a rehabilitation procedure should be done on the 3rd day after stroke.

5. To prevent a stroke is impossible. This is a very controversial issue. According to experts, prevention of stroke protects almost 100% of the person from the disease. And fulfill all her needs, because the causes of stroke are: older age, obesity, presence of harmful habits, stress and so on.If someone of the others began to show symptoms of a stroke should immediately call “ambulance”.