Doctors called the procedure, which will protect the heart and blood vessels

The maximum you can improve your health at a water temperature of 41°C.

Japanese researchers found the number of hot baths in a week, which can prevent the risk of stroke and heart attack.

This effect could be accomplished with 5 hot tubs, writes with reference to .

Scientists from Ehime University, examined indicators of the 900 people who took a bath on average for 12 minutes. They measured blood pressure, the wall thickness of the carotid artery, the blood concentration of some hormones and other indicators of the condition of the body.

The researchers found that protect the heart from a heart attack, and blood vessels from a stroke is possible, if you take five hot baths.Scientists attribute this to the fact that the hot water improves blood flow to heart and lowers blood pressure and inhibits processes that result in the walls of the arteries become stiff.